cex.io crypto mining

We have been testing out CEX.IO and must tell you, we like it. One of the many nice things about this service is being able to trade mining power as a commodity. Once you have purchased hash power it immediately starts to work for you with no setup or maintenance. The funds made from mining go directly to your account and with the merged mining setup on the miners you get some extra profit from IXC, DVC, NMC along BTC. Another feature of this service is the redeem hardware function, with this you can have the mining power that you have purchased in the exchange and have it shipped directly to you.

With the exchange, merged mining, and hardware redemption, this service is hard to beat. This is a unique service and we are looking forward to using this service on more than just a test basis.

We have GPU, FPGA, and ASIC miners at our location each taking time and skill to configure and get up and mining CEX.IO makes the process of mining mindless.

By admin