ltc mining multipool

We have been asked by some of our readers which are more profitable, auto-switch mining ( multi pool mining ) or single pool mining.

It is an interesting question and with more and more auto-switching pools becoming available, a timely one.

To best answer this, we have set up a side-by-side comparison test which we will be running over the next month.

The test is being performed on two identical mining rigs running on the same network. The miners are running Xubuntu on MSI motherboards, they are running two 7970 cards each averaging between 715 and 750 KH/s per card.

The test will run for one month and we will be comparing results weekly in total BTC and average performance.

For the single pool, we are using mining LTC with RBPPS payout.

For the auto-switching pool, we are using

We will post the results weekly to the end of this post as well as post a separate analysis once the test is complete. If you have any suggestions or comments please post.

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