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Title:Loving Lola (Southern Hospitality, #1)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Lena Matthews
Publisher:Loose Id, LLC
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:
Category:Interracial romance, Erotica, Contemporary

Loving Lola (Southern Hospitality, #1) by Lena Matthews

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Loving Lola (Southern Hospitality, #1) Welcome to the Bayou where the mornings are hot but the nights are hotter Plus size cutie Lola Chiasson has spent her entire life sparring with Marcus The small town heartthrob has been the bane of her existence for as long as she can remember but something about their banter has changed lately and it s got Lola running scared Marcus Boudreaux isn t sure when his good natured teasing turned into something more but after an interrupted moment of passion he can t get Lola out of his mind When he discovers Lola s secret sexual thrill Marcus vows to have much more then a taste of her Lola s running days are over because Marcus is willing to fight for what he wants even if he has to fight Lola herself PUBLISHER S NOTE This e book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language

The Blacker the Berry

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Call Me (Joker's Wild, #1)

div Anything can happen when jokers are wild When Kayla Martin tries to revolutionize the sex toy industry she calls on the one person she s grown to count on more than anyone else her best friend and downstairs neighbor Dylan Thompson When Kayla approaches him about being a test subject for her newest invention an anal toy Dylan is intrigued and aroused That is until he finds out that The Walnut Wand is an anal toy for men Kayla s sure that a prostate stimulator will be a hit all she needs is a willing participant Far from willing Dylan flat out refuses but that s not enough to deter Kayla After their monthly poker game Dylan and Kayla decide to make a risky bet Kayla wants a test subject and Dylan wants the one thing s he s being craving for years They ll risk it all on one hand but anything can happen when jokers are wild This book has been previously published Warning this title contains the following explicit language use of sexual aids and graphic sex div

Happily Even After (The Second Time Around #1)

Two kids and a divorce later Creigh De Luca figures she s pretty much done with diapers and late night feedings That is until a little blue stripe turns her world upside down Never in a billion years would Creigh have thought she d become pregnant from a one night stand nor could she have ever guessed the unforeseen pregnancy would warrant unexpected help from her ex husband Dean br br Divorce papers haven t changed a thing for Dean He s still as in love with his ex wife as he d always been Despite the fact he s not the father of her unborn child Dean is determined to help Creigh during her pregnancy whether she wants him to or not br br Creigh has never stopped loving Dean but she s not going to let him back in to her life just because she s expecting a child especially since she is determined to keep the father s identity from Dean But Dean refuses to be dismissed so easily He knows that with a little patience forgiveness and love they can still have a happily even after br br i Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse i

He's So Shy (Bad Boys, #1)

Genre Multicultural Erotic Contemporary br Next Book Soaked br br Gillian Foxe has set her sights on Lennon Wright but unfortunately for him it s not in a hot sexy way After overhearing two women gossiping about him Gillian decides to help him out by turning the cute introvert into a social butterfly even if it s against his wishes She s convinced she knows what s best for the shy man but of course he doesn t see it that way br br Everything isn t always what it seems and no one knows that better than Lennon Yes he keeps to himself but it s not for the reason Gillian thinks Still he can t help but be amused Gillian thinks he s shy He may not be as outgoing as the sexy woman is but that doesn t mean he s dating deficient In fact he s had his eye on a special woman for a while now Unfortunately Gillian lacks the ability to see beneath his good guy persona br br But if a bad boy is what she likes Lennon has a few naughty skills up his sleeve that might help take the blinders off and prove to Gillian he s not so shy after all br br Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal play intercourse m nage m f m voyeurism

Head Over Heels (Urban Fairytales, #1)

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Seven Minutes in Heaven (Naughty Games, #1)

Naughty Games Book One br br In honor of her friend s birthday Bev Navarro does something she swore never to do again enter Holden Lancaster s home At one time the two had been part of a close knit group of friends but that all changed thanks to one game of Seven Minutes in Heaven br br Holden can t understand why Bev is avoiding him He can only hope tonight s festivities will give them the time needed to mend old wounds But one look at her face tells him he s in for a night of disappointments br br The birthday surprise is on them though because they re receiving a gift neither will ever forget The stopwatch is going and the only question is will they make the same mistake the second time around

Something Worth Fighting For

i No good deed goes unpunished i And no one knows that better than Tisha Nichols who out of the kindness of her heart agrees to style the hair of her nine year old neighbor Cami so the little girl can look good for picture day Unfortunately Cami s adoptive Uncle is far from grateful In fact he s down right livid and far too attractive for Tisha s peace of mind br br i Love thy neighbor i Is easier said than done especially when the neighbor in question is a sexy little spitfire who gives even better than she gets Although Jonah is not the type to say he s sorry even he can admit when he s wrong But the ongoing fight to win custody of Cami has made him cautious and mistrustful of people even those as desirable as Tisha br br What starts as a misunderstanding turns out to be one of the best things to ever happen to them Unfortunately not everyone is as thrilled and Jonah and Tisha must decide if their newly formed family is something worth fighting for

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Friends With Benefits (The Boulevard, #2)

For Bailey Edwards deciding on a no strings attached affair was the easy part Getting her male best friend to agree was a different matter Tired of men who want her only for her looks Bailey has given up on romantic relationships that lead nowhere An affair with Sebastian could be the perfect solution hot explosive sex with no commitment What more could a girl ask for br br Sebastian Emerzian isn t sure what to think when his female best friend propositions him He s already resigned himself to a friends only relationship with Bailey despite his long held desires for more Sebastian is more than willing to turn up the heat as long as the headstrong beauty understands he ll be defining the terms of their new relationship While Bailey may be looking for a friend with benefits type of relationship she ll learn the hard way that if she wants to play she ll have to do things his way And Sebastian doesn t play nice for anyone br br Note While this is a stand alone novel we recommend reading i Maverick s Black Cat i first

Stripped Bare (Joker's Wild, #3)

When visiting an adult bookstore for a bachelor party Professor Brody Kincaid is shocked to see his former student Missy Haddan working at the counter Hes wanted her for a long time and Fate has finally brought them together Missy knows hes out of her league but when Brody offers to teach her to play poker Missy cant resist When the ante is upped and her heart is on the line Missy is willing to risk it all on a game of chance but anything could happen when jokers are wild

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