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Title:Heart of Darkness (Annotated) (Monsoon Media Classics)
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Author:Joseph Conrad
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Heart of Darkness (Annotated) (Monsoon Media Classics) by Joseph Conrad

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Heart of Darkness (Annotated) (Monsoon Media Classics) Joseph Conrad is likely to have based Heart of Darkness on his experience in as a steamboat captain in the Congo central Africa although he does not name the location in the book .

Conrad opens the book by giving a precise location for some of his characters on board a small sailboat called the Nellie anchored in the Thames Estuary on the outskirts of London Incidentally the author was known to have sailed on a British yawl called Nellie in real life .

It was written during what could be considered the golden age of colonialism when explorers adventurers and entrepreneurs from Britain France and other European countries would travel to the deepest darkest corners of the world in search of their fortune or whatever else they were searching for .

The book is considered by many to be one of the most important works of fiction ever written .

On one level it is a tale of seafarers and the world of mystery wonder and adventure they live in Except Conrad s own long and difficult career as a seafarer meant that he was able to describe the sailor s world in such an authentic way that you really feel that by the end of the book you feel like you were on that very voyage he was recounting and you lived through those experiences he was describing .

It could also be said to be a tale of European missionary activity in what was then referred to as the Dark Continent Indeed there is speculation that Conrad s book infuses the story of the explorer Henry Morton Stanley who set out to find David Livingstone a medical missionary based in Africa and considered a national hero in Britain in the late th century .

Heart of Darkness has been made into a celebrated and award winning Hollywood film called Apocalypse Now by the director Francis Ford Copolla who changed the setting from Africa to Asia and depicted American military power instead of the European colonial power alluded to in the book .

Moreover it is a tale of entrepreneurialism centred on the African ivory trade .

Most enduringly however Heart of Darkness is an exploration of the human psyche and specifically its capacity for evil In describing the characters in the book the actions they take and the events they are caught up in Conrad explores the nature of human relationships specifically the relationship between European colonialists and the African people whose lands they colonised

Heart of Darkness

Marlow a seaman and wanderer recounts his physical and psychological journey in search of the infamous ivory trader Kurtz Travelling up river to the heart of the African continent he gradually becomes obsessed by the enigmatic wraith like figure Marlow s discovery of how Kurtz has gained his position of power over the local people involves him in a radical questioning not only of his own nature and values but those of Western civilization A haunting and hugely influential Modernist masterpiece i Heart of Darkness i explores the limits of human existence as well as the nightmarish realities of imperialism br br Part of a major series of new editions of Conrad s most famous works in Penguin Classics this volume contains Conrad s i Congo Diary i a chronology further reading notes a map of the Congo a glossary and an introduction discussing the author s experiences of Africa the narrative and symbolic complexities of i Heart of Darkness i and critical responses to the novel

Heart of Darkness and Selected Short Fiction

amp amp LDIV amp amp R amp amp LDIV amp amp R amp amp LI amp amp RHeart of Darkness and Selected Short Fiction amp amp L I amp amp R by amp amp LB amp amp RJoseph Conrad amp amp L B amp amp R is part of the amp amp LI amp amp RBarnes amp Noble Classics amp amp L I amp amp R amp amp LI amp amp R amp amp L I amp amp Rseries which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader including new scholarship thoughtful design and pages of carefully crafted extras Here are some of the remarkable features of amp amp LI amp amp RBarnes amp Noble Classics amp amp L I amp amp R amp amp LDIV amp amp R br New introductions commissioned from today s top writers and scholars br Biographies of the authors br Chronologies of contemporary historical biographical and cultural events br Footnotes and endnotes br Selective discussions of imitations parodies poems books plays paintings operas statuary and films inspired by the work br Comments by other famous authors br Study questions to challenge the reader s viewpoints and expectations br Bibliographies for further reading br Indices amp Glossaries when appropriate br All editions are beautifully designed and are printed to superior specifications some include illustrations of historical interest amp amp LI amp amp RBarnes amp Noble Classics amp amp L I amp amp Rpulls together a constellation of influences biographical historical and literary to enrich each reader s understanding of these enduring works amp amp L DIV amp amp R amp amp L DIV amp amp R amp amp L DIV amp amp R amp amp LDIV amp amp R amp amp L DIV amp amp R amp amp LDIV amp amp ROne of the most haunting stories ever written amp amp LB amp amp RJoseph Conrad amp amp L B amp amp R s amp amp LI amp amp RHeart of Darkness amp amp L I amp amp R follows Marlow a riverboat captain on a voyage into the African Congo at the height of European colonialism Astounded by the brutal depravity he witnesses Marlow becomes obsessed with meeting Kurtz a famously idealistic and able man stationed farther along the river What he finally discovers however is a horror beyond imagining Heart of Darkness is widely regarded as a masterpiece for its vivid study of human nature and the greed and ruthlessness of imperialism amp amp LP amp amp RThis collection also includes three of Conrad s finest short stories Youth the author s largely autobiographical tale of a young man s ill fated sea voyage in which Marlow makes his first appearance The Secret Sharer and Amy Forster amp amp L P amp amp R amp amp LDIV amp amp R amp amp LB amp amp RFeatures a map of the Congo Free State amp amp L B amp amp R amp amp LBR amp amp R amp amp L DIV amp amp R amp amp LDIV amp amp R amp amp LP style MARGIN in in pt amp amp R amp amp LSTRONG amp amp RA Michael Matin amp amp L B amp amp R amp amp L B amp amp R is a professor in the English Department of Warren Wilson College in Asheville North Carolina He has published articles on various twentieth century British and postcolonial writers amp amp L P amp amp R amp amp L DIV amp amp R amp amp L DIV amp amp R

Lord Jim

Haunted by the memory of a moment of lost nerve during a disastrous voyage Jim submits to condemnation by a Court of Inquiry In the wake of his disgrace he travels to the exotic region of Patusan and as the agent at this remote trading post comes to be revered as Tuan Jim Here he finds a measure of serenity and respect within himself However when a gang of thieves arrives on the island the memory of his earlier disgrace comes again to the fore and his relationship with the people of the island is jeopardized

Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer

i Heart Of Darkness i The story of the civilized enlightened Mr Kurtz who embarks on a harrowing night journey into the savage heart of Africa only to find his dark and evil soul br br i The Secret Sharer i The saga of a young inexperienced skipper forced to decide the fate of a fugitive sailor who killed a man in self defense As he faces his first moral test the skipper discovers a terrifying truth and comes face to face with the secret itself br br i Heart Of Darkness i and i The Secret Sharer i draw on actual events and people that Conrad met or heard about during his many far flung travels In portraying men whose incredible journeys on land and at sea are also symbolic voyages into their own mysterious depths these two masterful works give credence to Conrad s acclaim as a major psychological writer


Joseph Conrad s adventure novel set amid the mist covered mountains of a fictional South American republic spins a colorful tale of capitalist exploitation and rebellion The story begins halfway through the revolution employing flashbacks and glimpses of the future to depict the lure of silver and its effects on men corrupting and destroying some revealing the strengths of others Conrad s deep moral consciousness and masterful narrative technique are at their best in Nostromo one of his greatest works

The Secret Agent

Mr Verloc the secret agent keeps a shop in London s Soho where he lives with his wife Winnie her infirm mother and her idiot brother Stevie When Verloc is reluctantly involved in an anarchist plot to blow up the Greenwich Observatory things go disastrously wrong and what appears to be a simple tale proves to involve politicians policemen foreign diplomats and London s fashionable society in the darkest and most surprising interrelations br br Based on the text which Conrad s first English readers enjoyed this new edition includes a full and up to date bibliography a comprehensive chronology and a critical introduction which describes Conrad s great London novel as the realization of a monstrous town a place of idiocy madness criminality and butchery It also discusses contemporary anarchist activity in the UK imperialism and Conrad s narrative techniques

Heart of Darkness and Other Tales

The finest of all Conrad s tales em Heart of Darkness em is set in an atmosphere of mystery and menace and tells of Marlow s perilous journey up the Congo River to relieve his employer s agent the renowned and formidable Mr Kurtz What he sees on his journey and his eventual encounter with Kurtz horrify and perplex him and call into question the very bases of civilization and human nature Endlessly reinterpreted by critics and adapted for film radio and television the story shows Conrad at his most intense and sophisticated The other three tales in this volume depict corruption and obsession and question racial assumptions Set in the exotic surroundings of Africa Malaysia and the east they variously appraise the glamour folly and rapacity of imperial adventure This revised edition uses the English first edition texts and has a new chronology and bibliography

The Secret Sharer

A young man sets out on his first voyage as captain aboard a vessel and among a crew that are equally unfamiliar to him A mysterious night swimmer climbs aboard and in keeping the presence of this fugitive a secret the skipper risks both his captaincy and the safety of his ship A test of nerve in the Gulf of Siam ensues


Axel Heyst a dreamer and a restless drifter believes he can avoid suffering by cutting himself off from others Then he becomes involved in the operation of a coal company on a remote island in the Malay Archipelago and when it fails he turns his back on humanity once more But his life alters when he rescues a young English girl Lena from Zangiacomo s Ladies Orchestra and the evil innkeeper Schomberg taking her to his island retreat The affair between Heyst and Lena begins with her release but the relationship shifts as Lena struggles to save Heyst from the detachment and isolation that have inhibited and influenced his life Marked by a violent and tragic conclusion b Victory b is both a tale of rescue and adventure and a perceptive study of a complex relationship and of the power of love

Under Western Eyes

Acclaimed as one of Conrad s finest literary achievements this gripping novel deftly depicts the political turmoil of nineteenth century Russia and follows the dramatic developments in the life of a student Razumov as he prepares for a career in the czarist bureaucracy br br In a plot that twists and turns Razumov unwittingly becomes embroiled in a revolutionary conspiracy when he gives refuge to a fellow student who assassinated a public official Increasingly enmeshed in the radical s political intrigue he betrays the anarchist who had placed blind faith in him The authorities then dispatch Razumov on a mission to spy on the revolutionary s sister and mother br br A fascinating character study i Under Western Eyes i hauntingly reveals Razumov s preoccupation with questions of decency and accountability when confronted by the equally powerful values of human integrity and moral strength

The Secret Agent, Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer, Heart of Darkness, Lord Jim, Under Western Eyes, Victory, Heart of Darkness and Other Tales, Heart of Darkness and Selected Short Fiction, The Secret Sharer, Nostromo