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Title:Astronomy for Entertainment
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Yakov Perelman, Yakov Perelman
Publisher:University Press of the Pacific
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:200
Category:Non fiction, Popular science, Physics, Astronomy, Childrens

Astronomy for Entertainment by Yakov Perelman, Yakov Perelman

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Astronomy for Entertainment Astronomy is a fortunate science it needs no embellishments said the French savant Arago So fascinating are its achievements that no special effort is needed to attract attention Nonetheless the science of the heavens is not only a collection of astonishing revelations and daring theories Ordinary facts things that happen day by day are its substance Most laymen have generally speaking a rather hazy notion of this prosaic aspect of astronomy They find it of little interest for it is indeed hard to concentrate on what is always before the eye p Everyday happenings in the sky are the contents of this book free from professional terminology with easy reading Its purpose is to initiate the reader into the basic facts of astronomy Ordinary facts with which you may be acquainted are couched here in unexpected paradoxes or slanted from an odd and unexpected angle solely to excite the imagination and quicken your interest The daily aspect of the science of the skies its beginnings not later findings that mainly form the contents of Astronomy for Entertainment The purpose of the book is to initiate the reader into the basic facts of astronomy Ordinary facts with which you may be acquainted are couched here in unexpected paradoxes or slanted from an odd and unexpected angle The theme is as far as possible free from terminology and technical paraphernalia that so often make the reader shy of books on astronomy p p Books on popular science are often rebuked for not being sufficiently serious In a way the rebuke is just and support for it can be found if one has in mind the exact natural sciences in the tendency to avoid calculations in any shape or form And yet the reader can really master his subject only by learing how to reckon even though in a rudimentary fashion Hence both in Astronomy for Entertainment and in other books of this series the aurhor has not attempted to avoid the simplest of calculations True he has taken care to present them in an easy form well within the reach of all who have studied mathematics at school It is his conviction that these exercises help not only retain the knowledge acquired they are also a useful introduction to more serious reading p p This book contains chapters relating to the Earth the Moon planets stars and gravitation The author has concentated in the main on materials not usually discussed in works of this nature Subjects omitted in the present book will he hopes be treated in a second volume The book it should be said makes no attempt to analyze in detail the rich content of modern astronomy p p Unfortunately Y Perelman never wrote the continuation he had planned for this book as untimely death in warbound Leningrad in interruped his labours p

الفيزياء المسلية

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Занимательная физика. Книга 2

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الرياضيات المسلية

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Physics for Entertainment

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Fun with Maths and Physics : Brain Teasers Tricks Illusions

b Brain Teasers Tricks Illusions b br br In in Russian bookshops appeared a book by the outstanding educationist Yakov Isidorovich Perelman entitled Physics for Entertainment It struck the fancy of the young who found in it the answers to many of the questions that interested them Physics for Entertainment not only had an interesting layout it was also immensely instructive br In the preface to the th Russian edition Perelman wrote The main objective of Physics for Entertainment is to arouse the activity of scientific imagination to teach the reader to think in the spirit of the science of physics and to create in his mind a wide variety of associations of physical knowledge with the widely differing facts of life with all that he normally comes in contact with Physics for Entertainment was a best seller br br About the Author br Ya I Perelman was born in in the town of Byelostok now in Poland In he obtained a diploma of forester from the St Petersburg Forestry Institute After the success of Physics for Entertainment Perelman set out to produce other books in which he showed himself to be an imaginative popularizer of science Especially popular were br br Arithmetic for Entertainment br Mechanics for Entertainment br Geometry for Entertainment br Astronomy for Entertainment br Lively Mathematics br Physics Everywhere br Tricks and Amusements br br Today these books are known to every educated person in the Soviet Union He has also written several books on interplanetary travel Interplanetary Jour neys On a Rocket to Stars World Expanses etc The great scientist K E Tsiolkovsky thought highly of the talent and creative genius of Perelman He wrote of him in the preface to Interplanetary Journeys The author has long been known by his popular witty and quite scientific works on physics astronomy and mathematics which are moreover written in a marvelous language and are very readable br Perelman has also authored a number of textbooks and articles in Soviet popular science magazines br In addition to his educational scientific and literary activities he has also devoted much time to editing So he was the editor of the magazines Nature and People and In the Workshop of Nature Perelman died on March in Leningrad Many generations of readers have enjoyed Perelman s fascinating books and they will undoubtedly be of interest for generations to come

Physics Can Be Fun

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لماذا؟ اسأل الفيزياء

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Figures for Fun

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Algebra Can Be Fun

Nereikia i knyg i r ti kaip lengvai suprantam algebros vadov l pradedantiesiems Pana iai kaip ir kiti mano tos pat serijos ra tai i domioji algebra i yra vis pirma ne mokymuisi vadov lis o knyga laisvam skaitymui Reikia kad skaitytojas kuriam ji yra skirta jau tur t iokias tokias algebros inias nors ir miglotai sisavintas ar pusiau u mir tas ios knygos tikslas yra tas nepilnas ir netvirtas inias patikslinti atkurti ir tvirtinti bet svarbiausia i ugdyti skaitytojo palinkim mokytis algebros ir sukelti nor savaranki kai i mokslo knyg u pildyti savo pasiruo imo spragas i Autorius i

Algebra for Fun

This is a book of entertaining problems that can be solved through the use of algebra problems with intriguing plots to excite the readers curiosity amusing excursions into the history of mathematics unexpected uses that algebra is put to in everyday affairs and more Algebra For Fun has brought hundreds of thousands of students into the fold of mathematics and its wonders It is written in the form of lively sketches that discuss the multifarious and exciting applications of algebra to the world about us Situations considered are quite diversified and range from a motley collection of conundrums and mathematical stunts to useful practical problems on counting and measuring

الرياضيات المسلية, الفيزياء المسلية, Занимательная физика. Книга 2, Physics for Entertainment, Figures for Fun, Physics Can Be Fun, لماذا؟ اسأل الفيزياء, Fun with Maths and Physics : Brain Teasers Tricks Illusions, Algebra Can Be Fun, Algebra for Fun