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Title:Kidnapped (The Infinitum Government, #1)
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Megan Derr
Publisher:Less Than Three Press
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:197
Category:M m romance, Science fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Magic

Kidnapped (The Infinitum Government, #1) by Megan Derr

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Kidnapped (The Infinitum Government, #1) i Infinitum Government Code Genetic Experimentation Shall Be Strictly Forbidden i .

No job is more arduous than that of Rehab Guard those appointed to guard the many and varied prisoners within the Infinitum Government the ruling power of a vast interplanetary alliance To be a Rehab Guard requires very specific qualifications and years of specialized training It is brutal dangerous and often thankless job and there is nowhere else Sean would rather be It keeps him safe his deadly secret safely buried and gives him a life as close to normal as he will ever come .

Until the day new prisoner arrives a genetically engineered Draconis with the ability to match to a suitable magics capable individual and boost his power Convicted of murder he is sentenced to Rehab for life and no one has ever escaped from Rehab But no one counted on the prisoner matching with Sean who as a human should not be capable of magics

Tournament of Losers

All Rath wants is a quiet peaceful life Unfortunately his father brings him too much trouble and too many debts to pay for that to ever be possible When the local crime lord drags Rath out of bed and tells him he has three days to pay his father s latest debt Rath doesn t know what to do There s no way to come up with so much money in so little time br br Then a friend poses an idea just ridiculous enough to work enter the Tournament of Losers where every seventy five years peasants compete for the chance to marry into the noble and royal houses All competitors are given a stipend to live on for the duration of the tournament funds enough to cover his father s debt br br All he has to do is win the first few rounds collect his stipend and then it s back to trying to live a quiet life

The High King's Golden Tongue

No description available

The Missing Butterfly (Missing Butterfly, #1)

i Alternate cover edition for ASIN B P GXK i br br Cassidy Monarch had dreams to sing to be famous to tour the world at the head of his own rock band Then his parents were killed in a tragic accident leaving him to raise his two siblings Determined to hold on to what remained of his family Cassidy settled into an ordinary life his dreams of fame reduced to occasional nights of singing at karaoke dives But his careful ordinary life began to fray with his new job and the beautiful charming boss who reminds him of all the things he tried to stop wanting br br Malcolm Osborne is a classic rags to riches story a foster child who wound up with the perfect family and more money than he knows what to do with He s wealthy beautiful successful and completely miserable Then he hires a new worker for his office a young hard working man with a sadness in his eyes that Malcolm aches to banish hoping that in doing so he will be rid of his own loneliness as well

The High King's Golden Tongue (Tales of the High Court, #1)

Prince Allen has trained his entire life to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious mother who has made their kingdom one of the wealthiest and most influential in the empire For the past few years he has trained to become the new consort of the High King The only thing no one prepared him for was the stubborn arrogant High King himself who declares Allen useless and throws him out of court br br High King Sarrica is ruling an empire at war and that war will grow exponentially worse if his carefully laid plans do not come to fruition He s overwhelmed and needs help as much as he hates to admit it but it must be someone like his late consort a soldier someone who understands war who is not unfamiliar with or afraid of the harsher elements of rule What he doesn t need is the delicate pretty little politician foisted on him right as everything goes wrong br br i Publisher note this is a highly expanded completely re written version of the free short that was previously available under the same title i

Dance with the Devil (Dance with the Devil, #1)

Even in a world of secrets and misfits Chris stands apart an unusual product of black magic that left him born half ghost Long used to being bullied and maligned for his strangeness he spends his days helping the paranormals that everyone else forgets about br br But the people he hunts and the mysteries he solves take him along unusual paths many of them dangerous Chris has never been a fan of running from a fight even the fight that takes him to the door of the most dangerous man in the city

Dance in the Dark (Dance with the Devil, #2)

At the age of nine Johnnie lost his parents when they were killed by a blood crazed vampire He was then adopted by the husband of the vampire who killed them and raised in a world to which he was never meant to belong br br An adult now he is the cold beautiful Johnnie Desrosiers and spends his days translating old grimoires and solving mysteries Then his friend Rostislav asks his help in solving a mystery that proves simple enough but leads Johnnie down a path that reveals mysteries about his life he was never meant to solve

Prisoner (Kria, #1)

A man whom all men fear br br General Dieter von Adolwulf has led the Scarlet Army of Kria to victory for the past decade holding the infamous field known as the Regenbogen against Kria s hated enemies the deceptive Illussor and the ruthless Salharans War has waged between the three nations for longer than anyone can remember but no one has held the Regenbogen as well as the notorious Wolf of Kria and his fearsome army br br A man who fears nothing br br Returning home at the end of the year the Scarlet Army is attacked in the dead of night by a single man who manages to kill hundreds before he is finally captured A Salharan soldier with no name no purpose but to kill he refuses to bend to the Wolf who takes him prisoner and forces upon him a despicable Krian name br br A man with nothing to lose br br When the rest of his army is slaughtered by Illussor soldiers desperately seeking his prisoner Dieter determines to hold fast both for answers and in revenge for the men he lost But answers and revenge are hard to come by when surrounded by secrets and treachery and the man least likely to kill him is the prisoner who most wants him dead

An Admirer (Jewel Bonds, #1)

No description available

Black Magic (Black Magic #1)

When High Paladin Sorin discovers the brutally dismembered body of his cousin Alfrey a much loved priest in the royal palace he is left baffled as to who would do so terrible a thing to so good a man But to find the answer to that question he must cooperate with one of the highly despised necromancers men who practice black magic sleep in graveyards and feed upon souls br br The necromancer Koray however is far from what he expected He is beautiful stubborn and possessed of a tongue sharp enough to cut down even the High Paladin himself Koray is also possessed of a strength like nothing Sorin has ever encountered and the power of the Goddess herself br br It does not take them long to realize that solving a murder is the easiest challenge they must face and in order to save a kingdom they must first unravel centuries of lies and misunderstandings

Ink and Paper

Ink and Paper by Megan Derr is a spin on the classic tale of Cinderella br br Enitan is a simple clerk in the stationary shop now owned by his stepfather He spends his days cleaning and tending the inventory wishing he could have more of a presence in the shop or leave to start his own somewhere else Then a stranger walks into the shop seeking ink and Enitan finds himself swept into a world to which he does not belong and wishing for things even more impossible than a shop of his own

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