The Politics of Genocide

In this impressive book Edward S Herman and David Peterson examine the uses and abuses of the word genocide They argue persuasively that the label is highly politicized and that in the United States it is used by the government journalists and academics to brand as evil those nations and political movements that in one way or another interfere with the imperial interests of U S capitalism Thus the word genocide is seldom applied when the perpetrators are U S allies or even the United States itself while it is used almost indiscriminately when murders are committed or are alleged to have been committed by enemies of the United States and U S business interests One set of rules applies to cases such as U S aggression in Vietnam Israeli oppression of Palestinians Indonesian slaughter of so called communists and the people of East Timor U S bombings in Serbia and Kosovo the U S war of liberation in Iraq and mass murders committed by U S allies in Rwanda and the Republic of Congo Another set applies to cases such as Serbian aggression in Kosovo and Bosnia killings carried out by U S enemies in Rwanda and Darfur Saddam Hussein any and all actions by Iran and a host of others br br With its careful and voluminous documentation close reading of the U S media and political and scholarly writing on the subject and clear and incisive charts b The Politics of Genocide b is both a damning condemnation and stunning expose of a deeply rooted and effective system of propaganda aimed at deceiving the population while promoting the expansion of a cruel and heartless imperial system br br

The Real Terror Network: Terrorism in Fact and Propaganda

A devastating expose of U S foreign policy which separates the myth of an international terrorist conspiracy from the reality

Triumph of the Market: Essays on Economics, Politics, and the Media

Herman shows how the triumph of the market in the post Cold War world order means the further commodifications of culture atrophying of political debate and political options greater subservience of the media to state and corporate interests and global polarization of income wealth and power

The Myth of the Liberal Media: An Edward Herman Reader with a Preface by Noam Chomsky

i The Myth of the Liberal Media i contends that the mainstream media are parts of a market system and that their performance is shaped primarily by proprietor owner and advertiser interests Using a propaganda model it is argued that the commercial media protect and propagandize for the corporate system Case studies of major media institutions the i New York Times i the i Wall Street Journal i the i Philadelphia Inquirer i are supplemented by detailed analyses of word tricks and propaganda and the media s treatment of topics such as Third World elections the Persian Gulf War the North American Free Trade Agreement the fall of Suharto and corporate junk science

Beyond Hypocrisy: Decoding the News in an Age of Propaganda

This spirited book offers examples of duplicitous terminology trenchant essays satirical cartoons and a cross referenced doublespeak dictionary for the s

The Global Media: The New Missionaries Of Corporate Capitalism

This text describes in detail the recent rapid growth and crossborder activities and linkages of an industry of large global media conglomerates It also assesses the significance of the ongoing deregulation and convergence of the global media and telecommunications systems and the rise of the Internet The authors argue that the most important features of this globalization process are the implantation consolidation and concentration of an advertisement based commercial media and parallel weakening of public broadcasting systems worldwide with negative consequences on the public sphere

The Rise and Fall of the Bulgarian Connection

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The "Terrorism" Industry

While everyone is shocked and horrified by acts of terror even more shocking is the rapid growth of a full scale industry arising in the last decade to manufacture and propagate an image of the terrorist that serves to legitimate the policies and power of the West

The Srebrenica Massacre: Evidence, Context, Politics

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Demonstration Elections

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