The Kuan Yin Chronicles: The Myths and Prophecies of the Chinese Goddess of Compassion

Kuan Yin is the most important best loved deity in the Chinese world She is the living expression of compassion and the center of devotion in most Chinese homes and workplaces Yet she is barely known in the West The authors ofa The Kuan Yin Chronicles aintroduce Kuan Yin to Western readers and reveal that Kuan Yin is the mystery and power of the divine feminine who transcends all doctrines creeds and traditions br The book is divided into three sections The origins and evolution of Kuan Yin in early China Buddhism Taoism and shamanism The myths and stories about Kuan Yin Fresh translations of Kuan Yin poems which function as both literature and tools for divination and prophecy The Kuan Yin Chronicles ais for any Western reader who wants to connect with the ancient power of the Goddess in their lives

Alchemy Art of Transformation

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Crucible of Love: The Path to Passionate and True Relationships

Using the stages of the alchemical process in a clear illuminating and modern way Jay Ramsay s new book is a map for this journey that he presents both psychologically and spiritually as well as experientially

Kuoleman kynsi

J nnityskirjailija Alan Knight tuo pahaa aavistamatta Afrikasta kotiinsa esineen joka on kaunis lumoava ja ikivanha Se on metallinen kynsi Afrikan tarumaisten leopardimiesten taikakalu Knight on mielikuvituksessaan tottunut luomaan tilanteita joissa on j nnityst kauhuakin mutta milloinkaan h n ei ole kuvitellut ett elottomilla esineill voisi olla sielu Afrikkalainen talismaani alkaa kuitenkin vastustamattomasti hivuttautua h nen mieleens pakottaa h nt hirvitt v n veritekoon Se vaatii heltym tt uhrikseen h nen kuusivuotiasta tyt rt n On vain yksi keino saada ihmissy j kultin voima hallintaansa s rke lumous br br Kuoleman kynsi on englantilaisen Jay Ramsayn ensimm inen romaani Se on vertahyyt v n todentuntuinen kuvaus ihmismielen pimeist voimista voimista jotka t n kin p iv n saattavat p st valloilleen sielt miss maapallon viimeiset alkukantaiset kultit kukoistavat


Unknowingly he brought it home beautiful hypnotic ancient the sacred symbol of fabled Leopard men of Africa br br Unsuspected it would insinuate its way into his mind amp weave bloody destruction through his home br br Unresisted it would demand the brutal sacrifice of his beloved six year old daughter Then perhaps it would leave

Psychic Poetry: A Manifesto

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Soul of the Earth: The Awen Anthology of Eco-spiritual Poetry

In trying to understand our place within nature poets can guide us in ways that no other writers can No one was ever converted by a pie chart or even a hockey stick graph In my organisation we will not use a term for example the hideous phrase eco system deliverables unless we can be shown a poem in which this term is used If no one uses it in a poem it means it is not loved and therefore doesn t mean much br br The Awen collection has wisdom humour another thing most environmental writers find hard to do and insight for any culture but because of the Chinese knowledge of editor Jay Ramsay it has a tremendous amount to offer to Chinese culture as well br br In times when one can become deeply depressed by the usual environmental outlook with its apocalyptic data the realism imagination and vision of poets can inspire encourage and equip us for walking the Dao the Way into the future It is the beauty of language not the brutality of data that will move the heart

Kingdom of the Edge: Poems for the Spirit

A collection of poems which speak to the spirit of our time by the poet of the Tao Te Ching Jay Ramsay is a popular contemporary poet with a multi faceted vision that brings together art healing literature and spirituality His portrayal of a world at the edge is sharp and unremitting yet at the same time he sees the transition we are in as cause for optimism and celebration as old structures die and we are brought closer to each other in the spirit of what connects us as living awake and loving beings Kingdom of the Edge is the crisis and the crisis is the opportunity to awaken all our senses to learn what it is to live from the heart on this fragile planet and to love each other and dance

The Poet in You: A Guided Journey Into Your Inner Life Finding Your Voice in Poetry

A workbook which guides you into writing poetry an exploration and synthesis between poetry and personal development Designed for people who may be longing to write as well as those who already are it teaches poetry primarily from inspiration and imagination rather than intellectual technique

Alchemy: The Art of Transformation

Alchemy is best known as the age old science of turning base metal into gold But it is much more essentially it is a path of self knowledge unique in the Western tradition with vital relevance for the modern world The symbols of Alchemy lie deep in the collective unconscious in the world of dreams and imagery the practices of alchemy are rooted in an understanding of the oneness of spirit and matter through which we celebrate our sexuality and spirituality br Jay Ramsay takes us step by step through the stages of the alche mical process using a wide range of original exercises to create a memorable journey that challenges inspitres and transforms us at every stage We too can be kings and queens we too once we leave our dross behind are gold br br It s full of fi ne things br Ted Hughes Poet Laureate playwright and author br br So much good work br Robert Bly award winning poet essayist activist and author br br Jay Ramsay has written a luminous and wise guide to the mysteries of soul br and to the images and texts of alchemy which explores these mysteries br Anne Baring philosopher visionary and author of several books including br The Dream of the Cosmos a Quest for the Soul and The Myth of the Goddess br br Ramsay is among those who have been working most assiduously to share br this archetypal language of the soul br Lindsay Clarke review in Caduceus br br The clearest account of the alchemical process I ve read br Peter Redgrove poet novelist and playwright br br Extremely wonderful and important br Robert Sardello author and co founder of The School of Spiritual Psychology