Brer Rabbit and His Tricks

Rhymed versions of Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby Winnianimus Grass and Hello House first collected by J C Harris

Lions and Lobsters and Foxes and Frogs: Fables From Aesop

Verse versions of fables reprinted from the author s Fables from Aesop

Fast Freddie Frog and Other Tongue-Twister Rhymes: And Other Tongue-Twister Rhymes

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More of Brer Rabbit's Tricks

A retelling in rhymed text and illustrations of three tales about the antics of Brer Rabbit and his friends

Potato Talk

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Fables From Aesop

From century to century generation to generation Aesop s fables have entertained enlightened minds and warmed hearts around the world Now in this unique collection Tom Lynch uses collages of vivid color intriguing texture and folk art style to re invent fourteen of these well known and loved fables for today s children br br The crisp retellings of Aesop s tales and the beauty of Tom Lynch s illustrations will encourage readers to look closely before they leap from one fable to the next

Pun Fun

Puns for children illustrated

Gillygaloos And Gollywhoppers:Tall Tales About Mythical Monsters;

Rhymes relate the odd characteristics of creatures from American tall tales such as the Gollywhopper with eggs weighing a ton and the Whiffle Bird that flies backward


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Lions and Lobsters and Foxes and Frogs: Fables from Aesop

A new approach to the ancient fables of Aesop features charming rhymes and winsome images by a beloved illustrator Artist Edward Gorey sets the scenes for poet Ennis Rees s modern interpretation of Aesop s verses which recount how animals with all too human failings receive their just desserts br Memorable renderings of familiar and lesser known vignettes include the fable of the industrious ant who prepares for the hardships of the coming winter and the feckless grasshopper whose laziness proves fatal A mighty lion is amused at the notion of a tiny mouse coming to his rescue a na ve young crustacean admires the bright red shell of a boiled lobster and a swarm of flies are undone by their attraction to a pool of spilled honey These and other timeless tales provide humorous insights into the folly of greed and vanity and the rewards of virtuous behavior