History of Art

For s of art lovers both amateur amp professional esthetic life began with Janson as his History of Art is often called In the st edition published in he spoke to that perennial reader he gently called the troubled layman His opening paragraph revealed his sympathy Why is this supposed to be art he quoted rhetorically How often have we heard this question asked or asked it ourselves perhaps in front of one of the strange disquieting works that we are likely to find nowadays in the museum or art exhibition Keeping that curious questioning perspective in mind he wrote a history of art from cave painting to Picasso that was singularly welcoming illuminating amp exciting Sojourning thru this book a reader is offered every amenity for a comfortable trip Because he never assumes knowledge on the part of the reader a recent immigrant from Mars could comprehend Western art from this text The only assumption the Jansons have made is that with a little guidance everyone can come to understand the artifacts that centuries of architecture sculpture design amp painting have deposited in our paths Countless readers have proven the Jansons right amp found their lives enriched in the process

History of Art: Western Tradition

This is a key book for the study and enjoyment of Western art This seventh edition has been revised and expanded and six new authors have been selected Every image from the previous edition has been enhanced refreshed using modern imaging technology

A Basic History of Art

An introductory survey of the history of Western art from the ancient to the modern world Focusing on art before this edition organizes the material chronologically It now incorporates considerable new material on the history of music and theatre and updates scholarship on ancient art

19th Century Art

Providing detailed discussion of painters this text stresses the interconnections of painting and sculpture with the other arts and to social and political conditions The book reflects the revisionist interpretation of th century art

History of Art for Young People

History of Art for Young People is the ideal single volume introduction for the beginning student in art history or the humanities An indispensable reference for the home library it offers the whole family a deeper understanding of the artistic legacy of the West

History of Art, Vol 2

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History of Art: The Western Tradition, Vol 1

s t Prehistoric Through Gothic Art br Back in the early s Janson as i History of Art i is universally known was a hefty but manageable pages illustrated mostly with black and white photographs It also famously contained not a single work by a female artist and devoted a scant eight pages to non Western art Five editions and three decades later the art history student s Stone Age to th century Bible has swelled into a massive slipcased page tome studded with color reproductions and subheadings that corral individual artists whose achievements used to flow together like some mighty art historical river p Women artists from th century painter Artemisia Gentileschi to contemporary photographer Cindy Sherman now make the cut and the focus is purely Western extended to include th century photography and postmodernism with a scant two pages on postmodern theory The timeline charting landmarks in art alongside key events in history science and the arts has been handsomely redesigned Each historical period now has its own world map and selection of excerpts from primary sources including unusual ones like a fellow monk s account of painter Hugo van der Goes s mental troubles p p With each edition portions of the text have been altered to reflect shifting scholarly interpretations As the late H W Janson wryly noted in the original preface There are no plain facts in the history of art H W s son Anthony writes in his preface to the sixth edition that changes have been made to sections on ancient art French romantic realist and impressionist painting and the history of Western architecture Happily unchanged no dumbing down here is the clarity and intelligence of the writing All in all i History of Art i remains an invaluable reference for anyone who studies or writes about the subject But even if no further bloat is contemplated the time has come to rename the worthy Janson i History of Western Art i and to divide it into two volumes if only to protect the health and backpacks of art historians to be i Cathy Curtis i p

Basic History of Western Art

Richly illustrated and updated throughout this classic provides an inviting exploration of years of Western art

A Short History of Art

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History of Art: Western Tradition, Vol 2

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