The Master and Margarita: A Graphic Novel

i The Master and the Margarita i beautifully painted in this stunning graphic novel follows the devil and his retinue as they systematically wreak havoc in Moscow Caught up in the chaos are two lovers The Master a writer broken by criticisms of his novel about Pontius Pilate and Margarita for whom the devil has his own plans Initially banned by the very bureaucracy it criticised b Bulgakov s b satirical novel comes to life in this new adaptation Mixing absurdity and erudition it depicts fantastical events with a macabre humour contrasting mischief and murder with humility and love

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Illustrated Classics): A Graphic Novel

The idea for i The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde i famously came to Robert Louis Stevenson one night in a dream This graphic novel adaptation by Andrzej Klimowski and Danusia Schejbal has transformed that dream into an exquisite nightmare Their faithful adaptation combines an already chilling tale with truly haunting artwork br br i Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde i is the story of a respectable London doctor who ends up leading a dreadful double life as a doctor and as a cold blooded murderer Fans of Stevenson s original novel and new readers will be riveted by this fascinating moral thriller br br


Schejbal adapts Stanislaw Lem s Uranium Earpieces in which a paranoid king forces his subjects to wear suits of flowing uranium alloy Can a young inventor Pyron find a way to free the people from this evil tyrant Andrzej Klimowski adapts The Sanatorium of Dr Vliperdius set in a world increasingly populated by robots The hero visits Dr Vliperdius institution but its patients soon turn against him Can he escape the sanatorium after learning its dark secret

Behind the curtain

During the s when many Eastern European citizens dreamed of going West two young students travelled the other way They studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and much to everyone s surprise stayed on to make a living as artists Behind the Curtain is a graphic novel account of their journey In this unique collaboration two distinctive styles interweave to tell a charming and sophisticated story of life art politics Behind the Curtain is a portrait of the cultural environment that flourished against the backdrop of the harsh realities of the communist state Behind the Curtain captures the absurdities of a time when toilet paper was worth its weight in gold as well as the picturing the vibrant community of artists who were producing visionary theatrical productions films ground breaking posters and exhibitions It was a time when a Polish Pope was elected Solidarity Free Trade Unions were formed and eventually tanks appeared in the streets