The Jesus Sutras: Rediscovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity

In explorers discovered a vast treasure trove of ancient scrolls silk paintings and artifacts dating from the th to th centuries A D in a long sealed cave in a remote region of China Among them written in Chinese were scrolls that recounted a history of Jesus life and teachings in beautiful Taoist concepts and imagery that were unknown in the West These writings told a story of Christianity that was by turns unique and disturbing hopeful and uplifting The best way to describe them is collectively with a term they themselves use The Jesus Sutras br The origins of Christianity seem rooted in Western civilization but amazingly an ancient largely unknown branch of Christian belief evolved in the East Eminent theologian and Chinese scholar Martin Palmer provides the first popular history and translation of the sect s long lost scriptures all of them more than a thousand years old and comparable in significance to the Dead Sea Scrolls Gathered deciphered and interpreted by a team of expert linguists and scholars these sacred texts present an inspiring use of Jesus teachings and life within Eastern practices and meditations and provide an extraordinary window into an intriguing profoundly gentler more spiritual Christianity than existed in Europe or Asia at the time or indeed even today br Palmer has devoted more than a decade to seeking the extant writings and other evidence of this lost religion His search was triggered by an encounter with an immense mysterious carved stele stone from the th century that resides in a Chinese museum collection called the Forest of Stones The Chinese text on this stonecommemorates the founding of a religion of light in China by a great Western teacher and features a unique cross that merges Taoist symbolism with the Christian cross The scrolls the stone and a strange map of the area around a hallowed temple where Lao Tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching before disappearing forever gave Palmer enough information to rediscover one of the earliest Christian monasteries At the site was an th century pagoda still intact and within it in Palmer and his team found more evidence including statues underground passageways and artifacts that helped them uncover and recreate the era and rituals of the Taoist Christians br The Taoist Christians who wrote the Jesus Sutras recognized equality of the sexes preached against slavery and practiced nonviolence toward all forms of life In particular this tradition offered its followers a more hopeful vision of life on earth and after death than the dominant Eastern religions teaching that Jesus had broken the wheel of karma and its consequent punishing endless reincarnations br Vividly re creating the turbulence of a distant age that is remarkably evocative of our own times Palmer reveals an extraordinary evolution of spiritual thought that spans centuries A thrilling modern quest that is also an ancient religious odyssey The Jesus Sutras shares a revolutionary discovery with profound historical implications imparting timeless messages and lessons for men and women of all backgrounds and faiths

Kuan Yin: Myths and Revelations of the Chinese Goddness of Compassion: The Prophecies of the Goddess of Mercy

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Faith in Conservation: New Approaches to Religions and the Environment

This book arising from over twenty years experience of working with the world s major faiths draws extensively upon joint World Bank and ARC WWF projects world wide It shows through stories land management myths investment policies legends advocacy and celebration the role the major faiths have do and can play in making the world a better place The major faiths are the oldest institutions in the world and have survived essentially because they are constantly evolving and changing There is much to be learnt by newer institutions such as the World Bank and the multitudes of NGOs about how to remain true to what you believe but change and grow as you develop The book explores issues of climate change forestry asset management education and biodiversity protection and does so using the techniques of the great faiths storytelling example and celebration It reveals a variety of world views and it asks us to see that our personal view may be just one amongst many The challenge of living with integrity in a pluralist world underlies the book and it offers models of how diversity is crucial in attempting to ensure we have a sustainable world

England, Scotland, Wales: The Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes in Britain

Here is a unique guide book that takes us on a journey across the rural and urban landscapes of Britain and helps us to discover and explore a multitude of sacred sites

Elements of Taoism

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Essential Chinese Mythology: Stories That Change The World

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Sacred Land: Decoding the hidden history of Britain

SACRED LAND will enable you to discover the hidden secrets and meaning of the landscape around you town or country modern or old wherever you live in Britain There has been a dramatic growth in interest in our own history buildings landscape sacred places beliefs and culture over the last few years and this book will equip you with the tools to unlock the meaning stories and history that are literally embedded in our landscape It takes us from street names to churches from hill forts to burial mounds from the way a road bends to the shapes of fields in order to understand better the land that lies beneath our feet In the literal shape of our countryside can be detected the eddies of time politics belief warfare passion and the durability of the human existence br SACRED LAND is a fascinating accessible read and the perfect reference guide to have in your home or in your car It will be of interest to everyone who loves history sacred places and sacred history and those who like to explore their ancestry and roots

Yin & Yang

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The Sacred History of Britain: Landscape, Myth and Power: The Forces that Have Shaped Britain's Spirituality

In i The Sacred History of Britain i Martin Palmer takes us on a journey of exploration to discover the unique features that make up the spiritual character of Britain and her people This fascinating insight into the evolution of spiritual traditions reveals how myths legends beliefs and faiths have been as significant in our history as wars kings and treaties Taking a chronological approach the book uncovers faiths that have died sacred cities and landscapes and the astonishing period when Britain appears to have had no discernible faith Martin Palmer explores the key episodes from Britain s sacred history including our own Cultural Revolution which was the English Reformation and the state of our faith today

The Fortune Teller's I Ching

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