The Google Story: Inside the Hottest Business, Media, and Technology Success of Our Time

Moscow born Sergey Brin and Midwest born Larry Page dropped out of graduate school at Stanford University to in their own words change the world through a powerful search engine that would organize every bit of information on the Web for free b The Google Story b takes you deep inside the company s wild ride from an idea that struggled for funding in to a firm that rakes in billions in profits making Brin and Page the wealthiest young men in America Based on scrupulous research and extraordinary access to Google this fast moving narrative reveals how an unorthodox management style and culture of innovation enabled a search engine to shake up Madison Avenue and Wall Street scoop up YouTube and battle Microsoft at every turn Not afraid of controversy Google is expanding in Communist China and quietly working on a searchable genetic database initiatives that test the founders guiding mantra DON T BE EVIL

The Bureau and the Mole: The Unmasking of Robert Philip Hanssen, the Most Dangerous Double Agent in FBI History

Called a first rate spy story Entertainment Weekly The Bureau and the Mole is the sensational New York Times best seller that tells the inside story of FBI counterintelligence agent Robert Philip Hanssen a seemingly all American boy who would become the perfect traitor jeopardizing America s national security for over twenty years by selling top secret information to the Russians Drawing from a wide variety of sources in the FBI the Justice Department the White House and the intelligence community Pulitzer Prize winning author David A Vise tells the story of how Hanssen employed the very sources and methods his own nation had entrusted to him in a devious game of deceit simply because he had something to prove Vise also interweaves the narrative of how FBI director Louis B Freeh led the government s desperate search for its betrayer among its own ranks from the false leads to the near misses to its ultimate shocking conclusion Fascinating gripping and provocative The Bureau and the Mole is a harrowing tale of how one man s treachery rocked a fraternity built on fidelity bravery and integrity and how the dedicated perseverance of another brought him to justice Absorbing Vise s account of Mr Hanssen s road to becoming a double agent is fascinating Michiko Kakutani The New York Times Brisk well documented a penetrating study of the villain and a gripping summary of the appalling evidence against him Charles McCarry The Wall Street Journal A carefully researched and compelling account with a startling bombshell David W Marston The Baltimore Sun Intelligent and well researched Allen Weinstein The Washington Post Book World

Eagle on the Street: Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Account of the Sec's Battle with Wall Street

Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning series of articles in The Washington Post this book is built around the exploits of John Shad a chain smoking bulldog of a man who rose from humble beginnings in Utah to become a wealthy financier and chairman of the SEC during the deregulatory heyday of Reaganomics Photographs index and appendix

Sweet Redemption

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Google Story - III edizione: Da start-up a impresa-nazione (Egea economica)

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Eagle on the Street: The SEC and Wall Street during the Reagan Years

b A spellbinding account of Wall Street deregulation in the s based on a Pulitzer Prize winning i Washington Post i series i The New York Times Book Review i b br br Described by the i New York Times Book Review i as worthy of being on the same shelf as i Liar s Poker i i Greed and Glory on Wall Street i and i Barbarians at the Gate i this eye opening business history explains how Washington and Wall Street cut the deals that led to a decade of greed br br For the Securities and Exchange Commission the s brought sweeping changes Under the sway of Reaganomics and the leadership of John Shad the SEC came down hard on insider trading but introduced wide ranging deregulation to the stock market which helped to both fuel the legendary bull market and sow the seeds of the crash br br Shad a former vice chairman of the brokerage firm EF Hutton amp Company and the first Wall Street executive to lead the SEC since Joseph Kennedy was a true believer in the free market His tenure touched all the big headlines and enduring images of this tumultuous decade from leveraged buyouts to junk bonds Manhattan skyscrapers to Senate hearing rooms Michael Milken to T Boone Pickens br br David A Vise and Steve Coll won the Pulitzer Prize for the original reporting in the i Washington Post i that would become i Eagle on the Street i In an era when the costs benefits and risks of deregulation are under debate once again their engrossing account of the struggle for the soul of the SEC is essential reading i The Washington Post i br