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The Lord of the Rings: Weapons and Warfare

p Lavishly illustrated with photos paintings maps sculptures and sketches most appearing here for the first time Weapons and Warfare is an indispensable chronicle of The Lord of the Rings many creatures warriors armies and battlegrounds From the graceful and proficient Elves to the horrendous war machines of the Dark Lord each culture s approach to warfare is explained how they fought why they were fighting what armor they wore and what weapons they used against their enemies Now you can get as close to a marauding Orc as you could ever wish without suffering the consequences p p Treating the filmmakers notes designs and props as a true archive Weapons and Warfare describes in detail every major conflict depicted in the film trilogy from The Last Alliance of Elves and Men to the climactic Battle of the Pelennor Fields each accompanied by a battle diagram from the films chief designers p p Armed with a wealth of fascinating facts and unique imagery and with an exclusive foreword by Christopher Lee and an introduction by the Academy Award winner Richard Taylor Weapons and Warfare promises to be the most striking companion to The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy published to date p

A History of Warfare

The acclaimed author of The Face of Battle examines centures of conflict in a variety of diverse societies and cultures Keegan is at once the most readable and the most original of living military historians A History of Warfare is perhaps the most remarkable study of warfare that has yet been written The New York Times Book Review

Guerrilla Warfare

No description available

On Guerrilla Warfare

One of the most influential documents of our time Mao Tse tung s pamphlet on guerrilla warfare has become the basic textbook for waging revolution in underdeveloped and emergent areas throughout the world This book analyzes the nature and conduct of guerrilla warfare and considers its implications for American policy

Marketing Warfare

The book that changed marketing forever is now updated for the new millennium br br In i Marketing Warfare i propelled the industry into a new modern sensibility and a world of unprecedented profit Now two decades later this Annotated Edition provides the latest most powerful tactics that have become synonymous with the names Ries and Trout New content includes in depth analyses of some of the biggest marketing successes and blunders of the past two decades including Volkswagen Sony Coca Cola Budweiser IBM and McDonalds along with annotated reproductions of winning and losing ads

SSN: A Strategy Guide to Submarine Warfare

The forgotten Clancy novel b SSN b is a complete submarine warfare novel with maps photos and a special interview with b Tom Clancy b and former submarine commander b Doug Littlejohns b

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice

This volume in the Praeger Security International PSI series Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era defines the laws of insurgency and outlines the strategy and tactics to combat such threats Drawn from the observations of a French officer David Galula who witnessed guerrilla warfare on three continents the book remains relevant today as American policymakers military analysts and members of the public look to the counterinsurgency era of the s for lessons to apply to the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan With a new foreword by John A Nagl author of Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam Praeger

The Flash, Vol. 3: Gorilla Warfare

In his hometown of Central City The Flash a k a Barry Allen is constantly deflecting the criminal schemes of his Rogue s Gallery Money hungry cunning and powerful these villains have the Scarlet Speedster running at a pace faster than even the world s fastest man is used to br But when Gorilla Grodd and his army descend on Central City The Flash will have to contend with a threat he s not used to murderous ruthless and without principle With mammoth strength and mind control powers Grodd will not stop until he conquers the city with its heroes blood on his hands Knowing full well he cannot defeat this new foe alone The Flash will have to turn to his former enemies the Rogues if he wants to keep himself and Central City alive br br b Collecting b i The Flash i

Eve of Warfare (Marked, #3.25)

Lycans vampires and cherubs oh my br br All Evangeline Hollis wants is to stay out of trouble long enough to lose the Mark of Cain which drafted her into hunting demons for God A former agnostic she s still recovering from being the latest point of contention between the two men in her life Cain and Abel Now she s working for a cherub who thinks putting her undercover as a housewife is the best way to rout out a rogue vampire hiding in an idyllic Orange County California residential community br br Eve knows when she s being used as a pawn in the celestial political game Now she just has to figure out who s the greater threat the vampire she s hunting the cherub yanking her chain or the two brothers vying to play the role of her spouse til death do them part Which in her line of work could happen any minute br br Eve of Warfare is a stand alone novella which falls after EVE OF CHAOS in the Marked series chronology

The Art of Warfare

The most widely read military classic in human history i The Art of Warfare i is i the i seminal work on the philosophy of warfare But only in when Chinese archaeologists unearthed a cache of manuscripts in a second century B C tomb in Shangtung province did scholars have the evidence necessary to extend the boundaries of the text beyond the traditional thirteen chapter version In the Silver Sparrow Mountain Yin ch eh shan dig in addition to uncovering a partial copy of the thirteen chapter text dating over a thousand yers earlier than previously available manuscripts scholars found five hitherto unknown chapters br br Now Roger T Ames one of the leading contemporary interpreters of Chinese philosophy and culture offers the first English translation of this classic to take full advantage of the newly discovered materials In addition to an entirely new translation of the thirteen chapter classic informed by these early documents Ames has provided a translation of the five new chapters found with the Silver Sparrow Mountain texts He also has incorporated extensive passages which for centuries had been attributed to Sun tzu but which can only now be properly included in i The Art of Warfare i because of their similarity to the five new chapters In all Professor Ames s new edition contains more than fifty percent new material Fluid crisp and rigorously faithful to the original this new text is destined to stand as the definitive version of this cornerstone work of Classical Chinese br br Ames prefaces his translation with an introduction describing the dramatic discovery of the new texts and the painstaking work of Chinese scholars to clean sort assemble and date them He also includes a critical Chinese text of the entire new version Ames s close comparison between the traditional and the new texts leads him to conclude that i The Art of Warfare i is a composite work that evolved over the years with the five outer chapters being representative of a large body of materials added to explain and elaborate upon points in the core text br br The Ames translation and introduction to the complete i Sun tzu The Art of Warfare i is of compelling importance not only to students of Chinese history and literature but to all readers interested in the art or the philosophy of war

Spiritual Warfare

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the evil rulers of the unseen world Whether we realize it or not as Christians we are involved in a daily battle against the forces of evil In this book Derek Prince tells how to fight the battle and win a victory for the Lord s army of conquerors

Roman Warfare

The Romans built perhaps the greatest empire of all time forged with an unequaled skill in warfare Accompany these unparalleled troops from the conquest of Italy thru to world conquest Watch as defeated armies became allies amp future Roman soldiers Consider the irony of extreme brutality amp repression leading to peace amp prosperity All the techniques amp the organization of this amazingly advanced fighting force come into focus from the emphasis on drills to its superior technology amp complex bureaucracy

Spiritual Warfare

Book Three of Jed McKenna s Enlightenment Trilogy Guns and bombs are children s toys A true war wages and you re invited IT S AN INVITATION you may not be able to accept if you want to or decline if you don t It s an invitation to fight in a war like no other a war where loss is counted as gain surrender as victory and where the enemy you must face an enemy of unimaginable superiority is yourself Spiritual Warfare issues a damning and irrefutable indictment of its own audience and genre putting spirituality and religion themselves on trial Spiritual Warfare is a sharp edged book for those who want to experience a direct and authentic spirituality

Churchill's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: The Mavericks Who Plotted Hitler's Defeat

b Six gentlemen one goal the destruction of Hitler s war machine b br br In the spring of a top secret organization was founded in London its purpose was to plot the destruction of Hitler s war machine through spectacular acts of sabotage br br The guerrilla campaign that followed was every bit as extraordinary as the six men who directed it One of them Cecil Clarke was a maverick engineer who had spent the s inventing futuristic caravans Now his talents were put to more devious use he built the dirty bomb used to assassinate Hitler s favorite Reinhard Heydrich Another William Fairbairn was a portly pensioner with an unusual passion he was the world s leading expert in silent killing hired to train the guerrillas being parachuted behind enemy lines Led by dapper Scotsman Colin Gubbins these men along with three others formed a secret inner circle that aided by a group of formidable ladies single handedly changed the course Second World War a cohort hand picked by Winston Churchill whom he called his Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare br br Giles Milton s i Churchill s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare i is a gripping and vivid narrative of adventure and derring do that is also perhaps the last great untold story of the Second World War

Spiritual Warfare

No description available

On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare

In i On Western Terrorism i Noam Chomsky world renowned dissident intellectual discusses Western power and propaganda with filmmaker and investigative journalist Andre Vltchek The discussion weaves together a historical narrative with the two men s personal experiences which led them to a life of activism br br The discussion includes personal memories such as the New York newsstand where Chomsky began his political education and broadens out to look at the shifting forms of imperial control and the Western propaganda apparatus Along the way the discussion touches on many countries of which the authors have personal experience from Nicaragua and Cuba to China Chile Turkey and many more br br A blast of fresh air which blows away the cobwebs of propaganda and deception i On Western Terrorism i is a powerful critique of the West s role in the world which will inspire all those who read it to think independently and critically

Opium Warfare

It s The city of Shanghai has been invaded by the drug trade The drug trafficking and usage of opium have taken the city by storm While the looks of the city seem calm deep within there is a secret and nobody realizes that the small hidden drug world is about to get bigger much bigger The underground world that was once hush hush is now slowly making it s way to the surface to corrupt the public However only a few are aware of it for the rest it shall cause an uproar making some frantic and some in awe Soon the drug is seen all around the city and it seems that getting one s hands on it has become a problem so much so that it causes an all out epidemic One that no one will see coming or seemingly be able to stop br br One of the few people aware of all this is Ryu Tsang a local dock worker who grew up admiring the city for all it s glamour When strange things start happening Ryu takes notice While at first he brushes off the first few encounters he can t help but shake the fact that something bigger is unfolding Shin Shaojin believes the city will be better off embracing such change He has a vision of Shanghai s future One that involves his business to bloom and offer endless possibilities to all that are accepting Will the city overcome the dark cloud that is the drug trade or will it be taken in and become the change that Shin Shaojin believes it can be

Marked: Warfare and Sin City

No description available

The Cupid War: All Love Is Warfare

Ricky Fallon had decided not to kill himself after all moments before accidentally slipping off a bridge and plunging to his death Now he s a Cupid in the afterlife helping high school students fall in love The job would be cool if it weren t for the dorky pink bodysuits his jerky boss and attacks from joy sucking shadowy entities called Suicides br br When Fallon discovers a dangerous new Suicide in human form a terrific battle erupts Before the Suicide can become too powerful Fallon has to convince his fellow Cupids of the extraordinary threat protect the girl he s falling for and foil the Suicides evil scheme to spread despair to all humanity br br Timothy Carter s Evil was named to ALA s Rainbow Project list for GLBTQ Books for Children and Teens br br strong Praise strong br Full of funny scenes humorous dialogue an interesting cast of characters and plenty of entertainment Once again Timothy Carter has penned a winner CM CANADIAN REVIEW OF MATERIALS

Spurgeon on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

Prayer is the Christian s lifeline to God and with it lives are changed for eternity Charles Spurgeon knew the secrets of prayer and that God has established divine principles and promises for our every need He reveals these principles and shares how God has answered the prayers of men and women since the beginning of Bible times He also shows how you can gain freedom over sin enjoy peace in troubled times and protect yourself from Satan Because God keeps His promises every Christian can have a prayer life that produces lasting results both personally and in the kingdom of God Discover how you too can develop essential characteristics required for power packed prayer

Invisible Armies: An Epic History of Guerrilla Warfare from Ancient Times to the Present

Beginning with the first insurgencies in the ancient world when Alexander the Great discovered that fleet nomads were harder to defeat than massive conventional armies Max Boot best selling author and military advisor in Iraq and Afghanistan masterfully guides us from the Jewish rebellion against the Roman Empire up through the horrors of the French Indochina War and the shadowy post battlefields of today Relying on a diverse cast of unforgettable characters not only Mao and Che but also the legendary Italian nationalist Giuseppe Garibaldi the archaeologist turned military commander T E Lawrence and the Quiet American Edward Lansdale among others Boot explodes everything we thought we knew about unconventional combat The result is both an enthralling read and our most important work on nontraditional warfare

Winning Ugly: Mental Warfare in Tennis--Lessons from a Master

The tennis classic from Olympic gold medalist and ESPN analyst Brad Gilbert now featuring a new introduction with tips drawn from the strategies of Roger Federer Novak Djokovic Serena Williams Andy Murray and more to help you outthink and outplay your toughest opponents br br A former Olympic medalist and now one of ESPN s most respected analysts Brad Gilbert shares his timeless tricks and tips including some real gems i Tennis i magazine to help both recreational and professional players improve their game br br In the new introduction to this third edition Gilbert uses his inside access to analyze current stars such as Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal showing readers how to beat better players without playing better tennis br br Written with clarity and wit this classic combat manual for the tennis court has become the bible of tennis instruction books for countless players worldwide

Warfare (Rise of Mankind #2)

Barely recovered from a battle against an alien incursion the Behemoth waits to see how the alliance wishes to leverage their discovery the weapon code named Protocol Seven When two warships arrive from their allies with an offer difficult to refuse they find themselves leant out to travel outside the solar system to a secret research facility across the galaxy br br But what was promised to be a milk run turns into something completely different With limited resources and a new commander on board their companion ship they must stay alive Combined with a potential threat from within the odds are stacked high against them Only their ingenuity and the perseverance of the human spirit may keep them alive br

The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government's Secret Drone Warfare Program

Major revelations about the US government s drone program bestselling author Jeremy Scahill and his colleagues at the investigative website i The Intercept i expose stunning new details about America s secret assassination policy br br When the US government discusses drone strikes publicly it offers assurances that such operations are a more precise alternative to troops on the ground and are authorized only when an imminent threat is present and there is near certainty that the intended target will be killed The implicit message on drone strikes from the Obama administration has been i trust but don t verify i br br The online magazine i The Intercept i exploded this secrecy when it obtained a cache of secret slides that provide a window into the inner workings of the US military s kill capture operations in Afghanistan Yemen and Somalia Whether through the use of drones night raids or new platforms yet to be employed these documents show assassination to be central to US counterterrorism policy br br The classified documents reveal that Washington s fourteen year targeted killing campaign suffers from an overreliance on flawed signals intelligence an apparently incalculable civilian toll and an inability to extract potentially valuable intelligence from terror suspects This campaign carried out by two presidents through four presidential terms has been deliberately obscured from the public and insulated from democratic debate i The Assassination Complex i allows us to understand at last the circumstances under which the US government grants itself the right to sentence individuals to death without the established checks and balances of arrest trial and appeal br br The book will include original contributions from Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden

Class Warfare: Interviews with David Barsamian

Continuing his bestselling interviews with David Barsamian CHomsky provides a road map to the concentration of corporate power Amidst a devastating sketch of the ongoning destruction of civil society Class Warfare unearths a cause for optimism in the ongoing struggle for human freedom National ads media

Warfare in the Classical World: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons, Warriors, and Warfare in the Ancient Civilizations of Greece and Rome

This superbly illustrated volume traces the evolution of the art of warfare in the Greek and Roman worlds between B C and A D from the rise of Mycenaean civilization to the fall of Ravenna and the collapse of the Western Roman Empire John Warry tells of an age of great military commanders such as Alexander the Great Hannibal and Julius Caesar men whose feats of generalship still provide material for discussion and admiration in the military academies of the world br br The text is complemented by a running chronology maps newly researched battle plans and tactical diagrams and photographs of them in color

War of the Flea: The Classic Study of Guerrilla Warfare

The guerrilla fights the war of the flea and his military enemy suffers the dog s disadvantages too much to defend too small ubiquitous and agile an enemy to come to grips with With these words Robert Taber began a revolution in conventional military thought that has dramatically impacted the way armed conflicts have been fought since the book s initial publication in Whether ideological nationalistic or religious all guerrilla insurgencies use similar tactics to advance their cause i War of the Flea s i timeless analysis of the guerrilla fighter s means and methods provides a fundamental resource for any reader seeking to understand this distinct form of warfare and the challenge it continues to present to today s armed forces in the Philippines Colombia and elsewhere

Unseen Warfare

This spiritual classic was written by Lorenzo Scupoli a sixteenth century Venetian priest Immensely popular in its own day it was ranked by Francis de Sales with the Imitation of Christ In the general rapport between Western and Eastern Christendom it reached Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain who first recognized its immense spiritual worth and later in the nineteenth century Theophan the Recluse both of whom edited and translated the work br br Rich in its references to the teachings of the saints and Fathers Unseen Warfarecombines the insights of West and East on that spiritual combat which is the road to perfection and the stripping away of all that militates against it Staretz Theophan wrote in his foreword the arena the field of battle the site where the fight actually takes place is our own heart and all our inner man The time of battle is our whole life br br Unseen Warfare is a perfect complement to the Philokalia

Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control

Drone Warfare is a comprehensive look at the growing menace of robotic warfare with an extensive analysis of who is producing the drones where they are being used who pilots these unmanned planes who are the victims and what are the legal and moral implications In vivid readable style the book also looks at what activists lawyers and scientists are doing to ground the drones and ways to move forward br br In reality writes Benjamin the assassinations we are carrying out via drones will come back to haunt us when others start doing the same thing to us